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Mandatory Signs

ISO M001

M001 - General mandatory sign

ISO M002

M002 - Refer to instruction manual/booklet

ISO M003

M003 - Wear ear protection

ISO M004

M004 - Wear eye protection

ISO M005

M005 - Connect an earth terminal to the ground

ISO M006

M006 - Disconnect mains plug from electrical outlet

ISO M007

M007 - Opaque eye protection must be worn

ISO M008

M008 - Wear safety footwear

ISO M009

M009 - Wear protective gloves

ISO M010

M010 - Wear protective clothing

ISO M011

M011 - Wash your hands

ISO M012

M012 - Use handrail

ISO M013

M013 - Wear face shield

ISO M014

M014 - Wear head protection

ISO M015

M015 - Wear high visibility clothing

ISO M016

M016 - Wear a mask

ISO M017

M017 - Wear respiratory protection

ISO M018

M018 - Wear safety harness

ISO M019

M019 - Wear welding mask

ISO M020

M020 - Wear safety belts

ISO M021

M021 - Disconnect before carrying out maintenance or repair

ISO M022

M022 - Use barrier cream

ISO M023

M023 - Use footbridge

ISO M024

M024 - Use this walkway

ISO M025

M025 - Infants must be protected with opaque eye protection

ISO M026

M026 - Use protective apron

ISO M027

M027 - Check guard

ISO M028

M028 - Keep locked

ISO M029

M029 - Sound horn

ISO M030

M030 - Use litter bin

ISO M031

M031 - Use table saw adjustable guard

ISO M032

M032 - Wear anti-static footwear

ISO M033

M033 - Close safety bar of chairlift

ISO M034

M034 - Open safety bar of chairlift

ISO M035

M035 - Immediately leave the tow-track in the event of falling

ISO M036

M036 - Lift ski tips

ISO M037

M037 - Close and secure hatches in launch sequence

ISO M038

M038 - Start engine in launch sequence

ISO M039

M039 - Lower lifeboat to the water in launch sequence

ISO M040

M040 - Lower liferaft to the water in launch sequence

ISO M041

M041 - Lower rescue boat to the water in launch sequence

ISO M042

M042 - Release falls in launch sequence

ISO M043

M043 - Start water spray in launch sequence

ISO M044

M044 - Start air supply in launch sequence

ISO M045

M045 - Release lifeboat gripes in launch sequence

ISO M046

M046 - Secure gas cylinders

ISO M047

M047 - Use self-contained breathing appliance

ISO M048

M048 - Use gas detector

ISO M049

M049 - Wear protective roll sport equipment


M050 - Alighting from toboggan to the left


M051 - Alighting from toboggan to the right


M052 - Keep distances


M053 - Wear personal flotation devices


M054 - Keep children under supervision in the aquatic environment


M055 - Keep out of reach of children

5 categories of ISO 7010 safety signs